Are you ready to create or improve your online presence?


You could use an online site builder, like or, which charges a small monthly fee for hosting the site. You may still need some site configuration, some coding, and some graphic design, to create an ascetically pleasing web site. All of these add-ons typically cost money. For a do-it-yourself site, there are some great resources out there, but the cost will add up for creating a unique online presence, and search engines are looking for unique, fresh content. For any organization looking for a do-it-yourself website, there are some excellent services available.


You could use a web developer/designer to establish your online presence. More common than not, you end up with a marriage to that developer, and each subsequent update will likely require their involvement. A developer will typically cost an organization between $2,000 and $5,000 to produce an ascetically pleasing online presence, and then your updates will continue to add to that initial investment.


Content Management System (CMS) websites, websites that are delivered with fully functional back-office software that allows the organization manage their own content, are becoming more and more accessible to even small organizations. CMS websites are priced on their aesthetic design, overall size of the site, as well as the site’s complexity. Recent articles have suggested that a typical CMS implementation cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,500.


Truss Media Services has chosen Umbraco as its platform of choice for delivering CMS websites for clients. Umbraco has a credible track record for delivering CMS websites for both small and large organizations – Organizations such as:


An Umbraco deployment will:


  • An easy-to-use interface that simplifies content management allowing you to focus on the content and not how to deploy it.
  • An online digital media library aimed at simplifying media collecting management.
  • A Content Management System that is easily extended to provide integration with social media and other 3rd party tools.
  • A responsive website that will look ascetically pleasing on all screen sizes and devices.
  • And ultimately, a beautiful, easy to navigate, online presence that your customers will admire.